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brand architects!

District2 is a brand & digital studio based in Saigon, offering complete solutions, from concept to execution, building, transforming and leveraging your business. Out-of-the-box ideas combined with exceptional design and cutting-edge technology will unlock the potential of your brand, make it memorable and achieve top of mind awareness.

You don’t need to be an expert, just a smart investor – trust in our experience and invest in your business. Together we will create unique masterpieces with powerful messages to your audience!


We will work with you to create forward-thinking, attractive and effective brand identity that helps your business stand out from the crowd as well as match perfectly with your target audiences.

· Strategy & Plan
· Brand Identity
· Rebranding
· Design Direction


Our amazing creation with visual appeal and high quality will stimulate emotion, connect with people’s minds & hearts, make big impact on your business and definitely generate a lot of interest.

· Creative Concepts & Ideas
· Interactive Design
· Marketing & Communication Collateral
· Video, TVC, Photoshoot & Storytelling


Creating a strong online presence plays a key role in the success of any business. Through an extensive strategy, you can transform perception, maximize value propositions and drive prospects into real customers.

· Web/Microsite/UX/UI Design & Development
· Mobile Web Application
· Social Media
· Content Development

experience for you
and your customers

Digital storytelling

We press play on your digital story. Using conceptual, digital design, we work with you to build experiences that feel ‘right’ for your users. We create a solid user-product relationship, one that’s long and fruitful.

Non-painful branding tools

Moving from creative ideas to solid strategy and execution, we help your target market resonate fully with your brand. When you get them, they’ll get you, quicker. We leverage digital tools, design and words, to become even more relevant, in every aspect of your users world. Fashion and tech combined? We love that!

Making shopping enjoyable

Simple & Smooth, exactly how purchasing experiences should be. We align with your users need to build and evolve a flowing shopping interface, one that slots easily into place with each step. Like we say, a beautiful brand is a happy brand – let’s make shopping enjoyable.

Translating your visions in words

Your audience relate and absorb information on different sensory levels. We know visual stories are amplified with the right words. Sometimes it’s easier to go old school, our copywriters prefer a good ball point and notepad. So, let’s pull those dizzying words on to paper and play with them until it’s right. Don’t worry, we’ll know when that is.

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